Oct 31 CEE-SECR: Banks and courses: «Software product and services sales», «Useful users» & «CMMI», Oct 31 – Nov 1 «Certified ScrumMaster»
SECR 2011 is over. You can learn about our current event at www.secr.ru.

Thanks to all CEE-SECR 2011 participants!

The 2011 conference is over. Some preliminary results start to appear in various media resources, including blogs and social networks. The presentation slides and photos are available below.

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Askhat UrazbaevAskhat Urazbaev

“SCRUM, Kanban, XP… How to choose?”

Moderators: Askhat Urazbaev, Sergei Andrzeevski

Currently we have interesting situation with agile methodologies. From one hand it is unnecessary to prove that agile methodologies can improve development quality and reduce risks—many IT companies for a long time and actively use them in everyday life…

Yury KupriyanovYury Kupriyanov


Yury Kupriyanov
“Business processes model as backbone of technological integration”

This paper presents a practice of development a united business processes model of a settlement depository. Depository and Settlement companies integration, simultaneous replacement of main IT-platform, perspective integration with other companies require complex knowledge of operational and technology processes…

Jeff SutherlandJeff Sutherland

Jeff Sutherland

The co-creator of Scrum. Scrum is the leading approach to Agile development worldwide, used by industry leaders to achieve dominance in their space. The foremost expert on Agile thinking in the world Dr. Sutherland has advised thousands of companies across the globe. He is the founder of both Scrum Inc. and…

Alexey MartynenkoAlexey Martynenko

Alexey Martynenko
“No more buttons or the rules of designing for touch”

UI aimed at fingers and gestures turn our design conventions. Touchscreen interfaces are more ergonomic, contextual, and even emotional than familiar desktop UIs. Find out why our well known desktop windows, buttons, and widgets are weak replacements for manipulating content directly, and learn practical principles for designing such mobile interfaces…

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Arseny Tarasov
Arseny Tarasov

Software products & services sales: from art to the process

October 31

The workshop will be instructed by specialists of RIS Ventures with the support of venture fund ABRT, Russian Venture Company and the Russian representative of Microsoft and is intended for professionals interested in creating and bringing to the market new products, as well as increasing and systematization of the sales…

Svetlana Tsikoza
Svetlana Tsikoza

Useful Users. How to build successful interfaces

October 31

This course is for those who ever wondered why some products are much more successful than the others with almost the same functionality, and wanted to learn how to build successful interfaces…

Alexander Kondakov
Alexander Kondakov

CMMI® – (almost) all truth in one (!) day

October 31

This seminar is instructed by a Russian-speaking expert Alexander Kondakov and tells about practical application of the CMMI® model. While model’s copy is distributed freely, its users are often faced with challenges of model’s interpretation and adaptation for specific conditions in their companies and organizations. Here, in just one workshop, the participants will be able to find (almost) all the vital truth about the family of CMMI® models…

Jeff Sutherland
Jeff Sutherland

Certified ScrumMaster Course

October 31 – November 1

This hands-on, interactive two-day course lead by Dr. Jeff Sutherland will teach you how to be an effective ScrumMaster, improve teamwork, launch products sooner and improve engineering practices to deliver high-quality products…

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